【動画】[Behind the scenes] The road to revenge is not for the faint of heart | My Name Featurette [ENG SUB]

What does it take to find the revenge you seek? Join director Kim Jin-min (EXTRACURRICULAR) as he takes us through the complicated underworld he created for the new Netflix series MY NAME. Hear from stars Han So-hee (NEVERTHELESS,), Park Hee-soon (BEAUTIFUL WORLD), and Ahn Bo-hyun (ITAEWON CLASS) as they talk about how they prepared for the emotional fight scenes and character-driven action that sets MY NAME apart.

Coming to Netflix October 15.

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    • nou bp
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    After watching i had fall for Ahn bo hyun ?

    • Carolina VG
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Omg from chile congratulacions!!!!! so power and beautiful serie I loved it so mucho

    • grigoq
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Could you tell me what the MA-1Han So-Hee wore at the end of the drama?

    • amisang xBTS7
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    I really love the story! Where else can I watch something like this..❤

    • Max Boom
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Such a perfect Show. “Emotional Action” ??

    • Kimeku
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Keren semua karakter yang disitu

    • Asyraf Mansor
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    “Once you start watching, you cant stop”
    I’m done watching all episode and i can verify what he say are true

    • still searching name help
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    I cant understand how her grow that fast like its longer I dont get ittt

    • TheNemesisGamer
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Season 2!

    • Ramona Sarmiento
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    I watch this drama other drama really i like this drama.super action i proud ofvher i really like it so much this drama.

    • reesha tahir
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    I finished this show just a second ago , Choi Mujin is my favorite character, his acting is so powerful and full of emotions though he is an antagonist but i was hoping that he could end up with Jiwoo

    • Gay Villeza
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    This is a beautiful.film. Han so hee is great.

    • Chae-yi
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    The best is mujin… stole my heart… those characters so good.. charisma.. ji woo bring me the sadness , she so good

    • Chae-yi
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    So true.. when u start to watch u cannot stop.. I do marathon 8 hour tho

    • Kdrama Recent
    • 2021年 11月 16日


    • monali mohapatra
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    The director and actors have brilliantly worked in the series. It’s a bingeworthy series. Somebody should really consider taking Bo Hyun and So Hee in romantic or rom com..they look great and they are great actors( others are also).please consider them.

    • Juilee Sonawale
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    No words for han so hee her acting is just damn such a versatile actor no other actor could have pulled this role this perfect rather than ha so hee… hats off to her❤…she fights like a man damn …i was speechless her acting was very quite and low profile in nevertheless but here just BOOM… you’ll never regret watching this ???the story line was great and suspenseful till the very end it was also quite emotional at the same time cause jiwoo sacrificed her whole life she even lost pildo who she finally thought she could rely on? if you think your life is hell just think about jiwoo…she had nothing left… all the actors did a great job this drama deserves the world cant say more FIGHTING!!!!

    • Juilee Sonawale
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    3:14 and he wasn’t lying… I’M ADDICTED NOW!!!!!

    • SESA
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    I just finished watching it and i love it so much! ? All the characters are well played! ??? From the sweet girl Yeo Da Kyung of The World of Married Couple to badass Ji Woo of My Name, Just wow! ??????

    • Halo Halo
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    It’s so funny how i shipped Mujin and Jiwoo at first. I just thought they have a great chemistry even though they have a big age gap? and yeah i just felt a chemistry even though Mujin killed Jiwoo’s father

    • Halo Halo
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    This is so far my favorite among Han Seo Hee’s drama. I’m just so sad that Pildo died ?

    • Zulfah AAIS
    • 2021年 11月 16日


    • Marie Grace Abogade
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Salute to all the cast..Amazing..Bravo?❤

    • Archana Thapa
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Wow I really wasn’t expecting Han So Hee in such a fantastic role. My Name definitely is a must watch series and every one is really good, however she stands out!! A huge round of applause to the entire team.

    • nur adibah
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    All characters including the actors & actress are the bomb. Including alll who worked hard for this masterpiece. Major lovee from Malaysia ❤❤❤

    • Senja b_
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Keren banget ,beneran nggak bisa berhenti nnton

    • Jessa Rosal
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Direct season 2 pls.

    • larazey
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    I really admire them all…you cant ignore any of them..everyone deserve lot of appaulse in their hardwork…One of the best kdrama..The director i dont have words for him…..soooooooooooo goooooooooddddddddddddddd…………i love team MY NAME..i stan them.
    For those people didnt watch yet ;Have you fall in love with both villain and hero..now you will…;)

    • Roses
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    can we agree that choi mujin is the villian we hate to love but love to hate? lol Park Hee-Soon did amazing in this drama!! wow!!

    • Roses
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    I just finished this drama! It was amazing!! I found the characters so engaging but not too predictable (as some revenge stories can be) the cast is exceptional! They really immersed themselves and I was so surprised and pleased to see Bohyun play a good guy character (after first seeing his work in itaewon class)! He’s so versatile in his acting and talented! I could go on and on about the rest of the cast too! Whether they played good guys or bad guys they all did amazing! I could feel the emotions in everyone’s acting as they brought their characters and the story to life! Thanks to the director as well!

    • Raki Nuna
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    han so hee is amazing for taking this role. she brings jiwoo to life and look fwd to her future project. park hee soon as choi mujin is so charismatic, is just it is hard to look away when he’s on screen ngl. but everyone is so good with their role tbh

    • Be positive
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Awesome actress

    • zoe g
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    I want to see detailed behind the scenes of every fight scene they were so good

    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Good drama

    • Fritz Michael
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Does anybody know what motorcycle hyejin rides?

    • Winston Kim
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Just done binge watching the drama.
    All great , BLOODY and No Mercy killing.
    That part just throw me out of the drama and erasing all the tension that they have built from 1st episode until the last episode.
    I mean, what’s the point?? They were just fighting a mob, running for their lives and suddenly . . . boom . . . on the bed.
    Like What THEEEEE . . . .
    And then Bo Hyun character dies just like that after that bed scene . . . HELLO????????
    Feels like the PD watching too much James Bond thingy where the agent have to had s*x before doing his final job . . .

    Action is my fave genre, so this one is great because how close to realistic their acts are.
    Like how they literally just throw the cigars anywhere, and the bloody knives and machete fights.
    But that one stupid bed scene really a big minus , so 7/10.

    Whatever , but i need more Han Sohee and Ahn Bo Hyun on another ACTION dramas~

    • tygerlealy
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    This drama is so action packed. A bit bloody. But it’s true, once you start, you will watch untl the end.

    • Hapai Smith
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Even all the side characters played so we’ll my fave prolly had to be the crazy guy lmao his acting was superb but he really baocned out the fybsmics between all the actors aswell since alot of them were more calm and he was a loose canon. It was cool to see him do his thing and I commend the actor as it would’ve taken slot of preparation to execute him as well as he did

    • Hapai Smith
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    ngl they nailed all of their characters. The raw emotion displayed was top notch and I really give it up for jiwoo bro she really encsptured the essence of what it means to lose yourself but find yourself in the process aswell.

    • Sam Amez
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    I want season 2 ?

    • LyubaWho
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    i love this dorama so much!(

    • YouMe Wallakpu
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Han so hee is one of the best actress.

    • Choi Vlogs
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Did I just binge watched the whole drama in a day…..It was good tbh?totally loved her and hated the villian(which means he did an awesome job)spoiler alert….

    Why Bo Hyun died????

    • Kheira Lee
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    so happy to see how all 3 main leads got the lime light they deserved, they are truly underrated actors/actresses and I daresay their hard work has been successfully reflected on screen. hoping MY NAME to gain further successes and more love from fans throughout!

    • Bouchra EM
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    1:53 Jang Yull‘s laugh and “amugeoto aniya” ( you’re nothing” is really cool ?

    • Falilv.91 19
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    2nd Korean show I’ve watched (squid game being the first) and damn what a good show just from this show alone Han so hee has become one of my all time favorite actresses damn she is good.

    • Kath G.
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    Once you start watching, you can’t stop! This is true! ?

    • Ксения Рита
    • 2021年 11月 16日

    I wanna ask – is this drama 18+? Because on Netflix it’s 16+, but on other resources 18+. And I can’t understand ? I really wanna watch My Name, but I’m scared that there will be some very cruel and unpleasant scenes… Is this drama cruel?

    • 2021年 11月 16日

    its true I just sat for 1 episode and I ended up completeing the whole series. just loving it

    • T Rose
    • 2021年 11月 16日


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